The Puppy Club

It’s the first destination of its kind, completely dedicated to a child’s deep-seated relationship with man’s best friend by emulating the appeal of owning and caring for a puppy. Founded in 2010 by Roydon Turner, the Lucke team has helped build the platform since its inception, with strategy, research, marketing and coding support.


  • Create a market research analysis of the kids gaming space.
  • Establish the brand value for online and offline properties.
  • Develop a proprietary educational program to inspire and educate kids as they play.
  • Design and development of both web and application based platform.
  • Conceive and deploy social launch strategies.

Meet The Pups

Interactive educational games
Trading Cards for offline distribution
It’s been an eight-year journey bring Puppy Club to market. I couldn’t have done it without the dedication and innovative thinking of the Lucke team.

Roydon Turner

Chief Creative Officer | Awesonova

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