Cartessa needed a sales enablement platform to help consolidate, share, and present presentation collateral in an innovative, technological manner.

Our discovery sessions revealed:

  1. Cartessa needed to better engage and stand out with prospective clients in what is a very competitive landscape.
  2. The use of Powerpoint across Cartessa’s 80+ sales team had diluted their brand’s sales story and visual consistency.
  3. The majority of their presentations were delivered in-person and under time constraints. Therefore, they needed a presentation platform/tool that worked in an offline setting while allowing for easy presentation creation and modification.
  4. The sales team needed the ability to quickly show clients the potential return on investment.
  5. Cartessa expressed the need to minimize, time-consuming, and costly, in-office product demos.

The solution was NuVue, our proprietary closed presentation technology. NuVue was adopted as the central repository and presentation platform for Cartessa’s sales and communication presentations. A series of photo-realistic, product demos were added to allow the Cartessa sales team to better visualize the product line up while avoiding costly and time-consuming demos. Plus, a customized calculator was integrated to help visualize clients’ return on investment.

Nuvue has transformed how our rapidly growing sales team sells our products. We’ve achieved a level of quality and brand consistency that enables us to stand out amongst our competition. When we launched Nuvue we received a standing ovation and enthusiasm for the platform is still evident.

Jill LaterCMO | Cartessa Aesthetics

Presentation Rebrand

Cartessa is a technology company and we required a presentation solution to reflect our market. We explored many options but fell in love with Nuvue at first sight. It’s offered us the assurance that our marketing and sales teams are moving in the same direction while adding a level of creativity that other platforms couldn’t provide

Gabe LubinCEO | Cartessa Aesthetics

Product Visualizations

Content Management