GroundTruth needed a customized sales enablement tool to help unify their organization’s sales story and visualize their technology offering.

Our discovery revealed that GroundTruth would benefit from finding a way to stand out within a competitive sector while educating and keeping their prospects engaged during the sales cycle. Additionally, GroundTruth needed a way to control its sales story which platforms like PowerPoint and Google Slides weren’t able to provide.

Our solution centered around our proprietary presentation platform, NuVue, which was used to unify, organize, and secure GroundTruth’s sales story while reinforcing its brand identity. Personalization features & content were added to improve client understanding and engagement, while a 3D location visualizer was integrated to demonstrate Grountruth’s technology.

NuVue has transformed how our organization sells its location technology. Our sales team is now armed with a sales enablement platform that unifies our presentation process and helps us stand out amongst the competition, in-person or remotely.

Dan SilverVP of Sales | GroundTruth

Presentation Rebrand

Being a Powerpoint-based company, our presentation identity grew inconsistent. We love NuVue because it gives us full control over our brand guidelines in all documents and company messaging.

James HuangCreative Director | GroundTruth

Product Visualizations

NuVue has changed how my global sales team presents GroundTruth’s products and services. The team can now easily create beautiful, company-approved presentations in seconds, while better visualizing our company story and adding a personalized touch to each meeting.

Jeff HackettVP of Sales| GroundTruth

Content Management